Meet the new way couples are doing money.

Customize & Unite Your Finances. Split, Save, and Manage Together with PenelopeAI.

Talk Money with
Penelopea AI

We built the world’s first group chat financial assistant so you and your partner can talk about your money together.

Ask Penelopea to set up a savings goal for that next vacation.

Buying a ring? Only show transactions you approve.

Analyze finances together to prepare for rainy days.

You are the star of the show. Share a lot or share a little.

Bring your own bank

Peas can work with your existing bank accounts, providing you control over your money, while still getting the power of a joint bank account.

You love your partner. Love doing finance with them.

Save together, separately, or both!

Track your purchases and spend what you need.

We help you turn your savings into a rocket ship.

Bring Your Own Bank

No need to switch from your current bank.

Track your spending

Easily view each of your unique spending habits.

Joint bill pay

Pay bills together automatically and on time.

Couples debit card

Two debit cards to make joint purchases and split bills.

Save with your partner

Set financial savings goals together for that next vacation.

Couples AI Assistant

Group chat with  Penelopea to manage money and budget.

Couples Debit Cards

Keep your current bank!
Joint Financial AI
‍Learn how to manage money as two Peas in a pod.

Not just for couples

Save with anyone. Budget with anyone. Create pods for you, your partner, your friends, even family. Joint banking with more flexibility.